Cone transport system and palletizing system / Neuenhauser


Cone transport system and palletizing system.

Make: Neuenhauser, (Pozzi steamer, Pamminger wrapper)

Year: 2007

Capacity: feeding from 18 link winders (18 x 1.000 ring spindles working coarse counts Ne8)


It consists of the following functions:

  • Automatic removal of the full cones from the cone winder through transport belt
  • 1st positioning of the cones on a roller frame. The cones are removed from the transport belt though Palletizer and are positioned on a pallet on the roller frame.
  • When the required number of cones is put on the pallet, it is automatically transported to the steaming, weighing and packing line. The pallet and the separators within the pallet are positioned automatically, through the buffers.
  • Steaming (continuous) by Pozzi
  • Weighing and labeling
  • Wrapping with plastic film

Order Code: 720.1