1 x Beam Dyeing machine, Make NOSEDA

Type: TSD-A1

Year 1999

Refurbished 2005 (new heat exchanger by Sclavos, New controller by Noseda, New Valves, new Flow Reverse Clap, etc)

Autoclave diameter 1020mm

Autoclave length 3500mm

Autoclave nominal volume 3262lt

Central bath reducer: 250lt

Outside heat exchanger by Sclavos 2005

Beam diameter 480mm

Beam Length 3300mm

Table length 3600mm

Sampling devise outside the Autoclave (HT)

Possibility of reversing the dyestuff flow direction from inside of the beam to outside and visa versa.

Strong pump adjustable by inverter: Wide range of fabrics possible to dye: 40 – 1500g/m

Supplied with 2 perforated drums and 1 trolley

Order Code: 340.1