Complete dyeing and bleaching line of cotton

One complete dyeing and bleaching line of cotton year 2004 still new not erected in original manufacturers’ boxes  consisting of:

One Tecnomeccani Biellese for fibre bale opener
One Press machine for fibre loading into the dyeing baskets
Four POZZI fibre dyeing machines  BC-1400/2-AT  (Batches of 700kg)
Four HT discharges
Four Synchrowash rapid washing devices
Four extra drain valves
One POZZI centrifugal hydroextractor  CS-Special One Ejecting press for dyed/ hydroextracted material
One Electrical trans pallet
One Tecnomeccani Biellese overturning device and two cake openers
One Dust suction installation
Fleissner continuous opening and drying line for loose stock fibres with the following specifications:
Type: 6/ 1880 – 2200
N: T6455 Poste:15
N: 0W40-600

Order Code: 5900