SCS SPIRALITY CORRECTION SYSTEM – New Machine – New Technology that solves the spirality problems on tubular knitted fabrics. 

The machine eliminates once and for all, garment twisting due to spirality.

The SCS Spirality Correction System is installed in the dyeing and finishing department between tubular dryer and tubular compactor.

It is a simple, inexpensive and very efficient machine.

It guarantees spirality less than 2% on all tubular fabrics.


Key Features using the SCS:

  • Controlled Spirality to meet Quality Standards
  • Spirality Correction to less than 4% after Processing
  • Stable Correction
  • Works on all Tubular Knitted Fabrics
  • Efficient and Automatic Operation for Correction
  • Reduce Sewing and Cutting Problems from Spirality


More Information, Photos, Videos, etc available.